Sunday, March 13, 2011

Platinum Pangya

Hi all!
It's time to reveal the thing I was working on for so long. Platinum Pangya. What is Platinum Pangya? Well, to keep it short, it will be the new place i'll be blogging! I won't update Flute's Pangya Blog anymore, instead, i'll be doing everything on Platinum Pangya. I'll be opening Platinum Pangya on White Day(3-14-2011)! (If you don't know what White Day is click here). I thought that would be a nice day to open my new blog. The reason I'm opening a new blog is because Flute's Pangya Blog was a nice start, you know, see how blogging works, how you can present the information you've found, etc. It's time to upgrade a little bit. So, on white day, come visit Flute's Pangya Blog and click on the picture below. 

I would like to thank everyone who read this blog and everyone who supported me, I hope to see all of you on my new blog!

It's open! Click below!